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Angry Frustration!

This is getting really frustrating! The same issue is happening again as initially posted above!

I can see the menu bar for quests, and on the one toon everything is identical as in all my other toons - but no quests show up on this one toon! I have a total of 16 quests in my log, 2 of which are completed. The buttons are highlighted to track on each of them, and distances are set to max as well as showing quests outside of the area. I have tried everything, and NOTHING works to bring up the lists of quests! If I do the Alt+L, I get the log and everything is ok...but I'm talking about the list that shows on the game page, not the log.

Can someone PLEASE help me get this resolved?!? As I said, it works fine on my other toons, just not on the one.