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I use map notes all the time. They are very useful for how I choose to play the game.

A few questions for developers or Rythal:

1. Are the map notes a Carbonite feature, or are they also in 'vanilla' Wow and Carbonite uses them? (I always have Carbonite running, so I haven't compared the two).

2. Can more icons be added? Also, would it be possible to have user-control over changing/selecting different colors of the same icon symbol. That would allow for greater flexibility without having to add additional icons.

3. I find that there are far too many 'steps' (mouse-clicks) to create a single note, associate an icon with it, and then check the box to use that new note. (That box should be checked by default since I wouldn't have created it if I didn't want it displayed.). Could the map notes interface be modified so that all the options appear on one dialog screen?

4. Can the map notes include an option (checkbox) to allow displaying ALL map notes on ALL chars, including cross-realm char's, etc.? I think (but I'm not sure that as it is now), each char has to have the map notes created redundantly, when I want each char to have them available.

5. Would it be possible to add an option on the Carbonite "Options/Reset" (where the option to copy Profiles is) to allow users to "Copy Map Notes" from other (Alt) chars?