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Originally Posted by wrightsworld View Post
Hi Rythal, Thanks for taking the time to reply to my problem. When I integrate Blizzards mini-map into Carbonite and then resize it bigger the blizzard mini-map ghosts over it at the same size as its original and cannot be resized or integrated into your mini-map. I must be doing something wrong as previous versions have allowed resizing.
No, the Blizzard minimap cannot be re-sized by Carbonite. It's possible that you had another addon that allowed you to do that, but Carbonite does not. I know this is a technicality, but Carbonite only has one map and it is either maximized or minimized. Carbonite has no "mini-map".

If you have merged the Blizzard minimap and Carbonites map on the "Map Minimap" page of Carbonites options, but the Blizzard minimap is still visible on top of the Carbonite map, right click the Carbonite minimized map and then click "Minimap..." in the menu that opens. In the next menu, you will want to adjust the "Docking Below Map Scale (number)" slider. Mine is set to "(2.48)", but your setting might have to be different. Remember: You can use your mouse scroll wheel to adjust Carbonites sliders by simply putting your cursor over the slider and scrolling the wheel to make fine adjustments, but you can make gross (large) adjustments by clicking in the slider path.

On the same menu, see what the "Transparency" (the first slider on that menu) slider is set to. You can also set that to "(0.00)" and the Blizzard minimap will disappear, but it will still be visible when you hold the "ctrl" key like always, and whenever you are somewhere that the Blizzard minimap will dock inside the Carbonite minimized map..
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