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Locale file listing

Hi guys!

I'm in the process of updating my sound file listing and have come across a little bit of a wrinkle.

I want to download the non-enUS locale files so I can double check if they have any sound files not in the enUS MPQ files.

I have download URLs for the enUS ones so I planned just to change the enUS part to whichever locale I needed to download (eg enUS -> deDE for the german locale)

Now I based which files needed to be downloaded from the URL you can construct from the wow.mfil file :


Now this is where it gets confusing. That file has a number of files listed that aren't currently used. EG OldWorld.MPQ that was causing patching issues a while ago.

So consequently the mfil file is listing files that I don't have in live.

So here is my request to you guys :

I need people to upload which locale they have installed as well as a listing of both the Data folder and the locale folder inside the Data folder.

When you open your Data folder you'll see a 4 character named folder that will be named one of the following :

deDE: German (Germany)
enGB: English (United Kingdom) - enGB clients return enUS
enUS: English (United States)
esES: Spanish (Spain)
esMX: Spanish (Mexico)
frFR: French (France)
koKR: Korean (Korea)
ptBR: Portuguese (Brazil)
ruRU: Russian (Russia) - UI AddOn
zhCN: Chinese (Simplified, PRC)
zhTW: Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)

From http://www.wowpedia.org/API_GetLocale

Don't worry about not being an addon author or anything. Just go to your wow folder , open the Data folder and take a screenshot or listing. Then open the 4 character locale folder and take a screenshot of that as well.

Once you have these screenshots (or pastebin listing) post URLs of where you've uploaded it here as well as what 4 character locale folder you found inside your Data folder.
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