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Ok, I just learned about the 1 time lootable gold/XP objects that phase per character around Panda-land. I figured these are a GREAT way to push through level 85 and get to the good stuff, so I set up a favorites for a guided route.

Problem is that reaching them in a set order really requires flight, at which points they aren't so hot for the XP anymore.

So I decided I would just get them to highlight on the map for me with cute icons, so that when I am questing in the area, I spot the note and can rush to get a free boost to XP.

So this had me setting up Notes and Favorites(targets) at the same time.

I used /way commands to feed in the initial data for the Targets, worked like a charm, though going back through to name things was a bit annoying.

I used /carb note to place the notes, and this generated a new folder titled Notes, with sub folders titled per zone.

This worked nicely, if I clicked on the Favorite then I got a route for fast visit by flight, and icons from the notes always show up, so those serve their intended purpose.

Overall, this was a bit messy for my tastes, so I attempted to consolidate, and this is where the suggestion/issues come in:

Moving a Note item into the Targets/Favorites area caused the route to break. I had noticed that placing a comment had the same result. You no longer see the full pathway lined out.

I placed Notes in the Targets by doing a cut/paste through right click menu. There seemed to be no function to just add a blank item and then set what it is (note, target, whatever else is possible) and where it is and the like. All you can do it change the name once an item exists.

I moved everything out of the notes and into my targets. A few items changed their location data when I did this, which was a nuisance, but I dealt with it.

However, while under the Notes section that was built by /carb note command, the icons would always show on map. Once moved to the Targets section, the icons disappeared, even if I activated that particular route.

So not having the icons permanently on the map was a bad thing. I cut/pasted back to a notes section and decided my method for cleaning up would just be to combine all the zone folders to one titled folder.

But after I cut/pasted everything back over, I realized that it moved every single one of my notes (from basically all zones but Dread Wastes and Vale of Eternal) into Jade Forest (the zone I placed my dummy note in to generate a folder).

So I have to re-do everything now. And I am hoping that we can get some improvement to the overall design of favorites/notes.

If you do take the time to look over the favorites/notes, I HIGHLY encourage you to design a file system where we can easily cut/paste a chunk of text from a comment on Wowhead or in these forums to use a shared favorites or note set.

Doing this will make sure that Carbonite replaces Tomtom as the map of choice for a LOT of people.

One of the main things going for Tomtom is that if you need something, you can count on going to wowhead and finding a set of cut/paste macros to set up waypoints for it.

But if you could do a single cut/paste and get an entire favorites and notes chunk... which then means an optimized route along with the arrow deal, and commments to boot AND carbonites awesome maps....

As a comparison, to set up waypoints for all of the candy buckets during Halloween event just now, I had to create about 15 macros. That was a lot of copy/paste/press/repeat. And I will have to do it again next year. And I had to watch my world map while I flew around, because CLOSEST waypoint didn't mean BEST waypoint (would cause you to skip 2 or 3 in the south tip of Eastern Kingdoms, making you come back for them after going all the way up to Western Plaguelands for one thing). When I got the update for Carbonite to use /way additions, I copy/pasted those same macros all over again to set up a Favorites folder, then optimized the flight paths, and now I never have to touch them again for the coming years or any alternate characters I use.... And if I could easily share them to the forums here, I happily would. But right now the file where these are stored is a bit messy when you have as many notes and favorites routes as I do.

There is a lot of work to overhaul this. But a ton of potential gain.