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I assume you already have the esMX and ptBR language packs for your US client, so I won't post those.

Here are file lists for all locales in the EU and CN clients. I don't have koKR or zhTW installed.

On a side note, if you have the disk space, it's pretty easy to just download the whole client. I have them installed for checking language compatibility with my addons, and to keep my globalstrings repo up to date.

Data - EU client, CN client
  • alternate.MPQ
  • base-Win.MPQ
  • expansion1.MPQ
  • expansion1.MPQ
  • expansion3.MPQ
  • expansion4.MPQ
  • interface.MPQ
  • itemtexture.MPQ
  • misc.MPQ
  • model.MPQ
  • sound.MPQ
  • texture.MPQ
  • world.MPQ
  • wow-update-base-16016.MPQ
  • wow-update-base-16048.MPQ
  • wow-update-base-16057.MPQ

Data\enGB - EU client
  • Documentation (folder)
  • AccountBilling (link)
  • Credits_CT.html
  • expansion1-speech-enGB.MPQ
  • expansion2-speech-enGB.MPQ
  • expansion3-speech-enGB.MPQ
  • expansion4-speech-enGB.MPQ
  • locale-enGB.MPQ
  • realmlist.wtf
  • speech-enGB.MPQ
  • TechSupport (link)
  • wow-update-enGB-16016.MPQ
  • wow-update-enGB-16048.MPQ
  • wow-update-enGB-16057.MPQ

Data/deDE - EU client
  • expansion1-speech-deDE.MPQ
  • expansion2-speech-deDE.MPQ
  • expansion3-speech-deDE.MPQ
  • expansion4-speech-deDE.MPQ
  • locale-deDE.MPQ
  • speech-deDE.MPQ
  • wow-update-deDE-16016.MPQ
  • wow-update-deDE-16048.MPQ
  • wow-update-deDE-16057.MPQ

esES, frFR, itIT, ptPT, and ruRU all have the same file list as deDE above.

Data/enCN - CN client (Chinese text with English audio)
  • Documentation (folder)
  • AccountBilling (link)
  • expansion1-speech-enCN.MPQ
  • expansion2-speech-enCN.MPQ
  • expansion3-speech-enCN.MPQ
  • expansion4-speech-enCN.MPQ
  • locale-enCN.MPQ
  • realmlist.wtf
  • speech-enCN.MPQ
  • TechSupport (link)
  • wow-update-enCN-16016.MPQ
  • wow-update-enCN-16048.MPQ
  • wow-update-enCN-16057.MPQ

Data/zhCN - CN client (Chinese text with Chinese audio)

Same list of files as enCN.
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