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Hide Quests Not In Zone option not working properly

Some quests, but not all, are not obeying the "Hide Quests Not In Zone" option when checked. Is this a Carbonite issue, or a Blizzard coding the quest wrong issue?

As an example, there's a quest to kill Ashfang Hyenas in southern Kun-Lai, and that quest shows up on my mage's hotlist pretty much all the time. I'm leveling my DK now, and sitting in Halfhill, I have three Valley of Four Winds quests and two Krasarang Wilds quests on my hotlist. If I uncheck the "Hide Quests" option, another Krasarang quest shows up, so clearly it's working properly for some.

I've limited the impact of this somewhat by decreasing the "Hide Quests Farther Than..." option to 2000 yards, but that Ashfang Hyena list is still on the list the whole time I'm doing Golden Lotus dailies on my mage.