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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
Well, if you're in a raid instance, it's pretty safe to assume that everyone you see in the combat log related to the raid boss is in your raid and has the boss tapped.

If you're talking about worldbosses, it's trivial to determine whether someone is in your raid, and also trivial to determine if you have the boss tapped as long as you've targeted it once, since tapping rights do not change mid-fight unless everyone in the group leaves combat or dies and releases.

I do agree, however, that your proposal for a GROUP_KILL event makes sense.
It is trivial to determina if something is tapped with UnitIsTappedByPlayer(unit).

The problem is that you need a valid unit for that.

As a healer, I rarely have mobs targeted, and would have to rely on party/raid*target for checking.
But no unit name would provide a 100% reliable way to check if a certain mob GUID has been tapped by the player or their group. It assumes that the mob has been targeted at some point during its lifetime, that's not always true in the case of AoE.
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