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Originally Posted by Dawn View Post
What about target, boss and raid frames?
He explained why those aren’t there (and he doesn’t want them right now) in his post.

Originally Posted by Byakko View Post
Party windows ... Not exactly as clean as I wanted.
I’d suggest using the static 2D portraits instead of cropped 3D model portraits. 2D portraits look nicer (IMO) and are less distracting because they don't move (not sure if you can disable animation on 3D “portraits”). They also look more like icons, so they'd match better.

Originally Posted by Byakko View Post
If I had the screen space, I actually prefer the minimap in the center or even near eye level off to the side. But not going to happen with my laptop resolution so in the traditional top right it stays.
I play on a 27″ monitor at 1920×1080 resolution, and I’ve tried all kinds of locations for the minimap, and I just find that the top right works best. Maybe it’s just because I played with it there for so many years before trying other locations.

Originally Posted by Byakko View Post
I wish I knew how to skin it better, or how to have it use alternate icon art, like circle icons.
Masque has several skins that are circles, hexagons, or other non-rectangular shapes. Here are a few:
Originally Posted by Byakko View Post
I still need help with the chatbox. .... too small for me to see the text properly, and then too big to fit with the rest of the UI.
Addons like Chicchai and MiniChat (both very outdated) could help with that, by minimizing the chat window until new messages arrive or your mouse over it. I'm not sure if either one still works, though.
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