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Thanks for all the suggestions and comments :d

@ Dawn: That style of castbar is cool, ultra minimalist! I'm going to go with the integrated cast bars for Threatplates I think, since it shrinks for some threat levels and it gets pretty small even as a full length bar.

@ Phanx: Those chat addons look like exactly what I wanted, but both look too outdated to work anymore :S None of the popular chat addons have a 'minimize' on idle feature?

This seems close to what I want: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...hatButton.html

But it looks like it doesn't give much options to modify the chat box itself (remove scroll buttons, move the editbox etc.) Wonder if it can work with something like rChat hms. Will see when I try it out later.

Also about the portraits, Stuf's 2D portraits don't seem well-cropped, or since it's based on the Blizzard default portraits, they're all circle-cropped with some black residue around the edges. 3D can't be set to static, but I think they just look overall at a better angle and fills a square box better. Too bad can't pan or scale the portraits though.

And Cursor Castbars use the default original icons with no skinning applied, unfortunately. Tried setting to a circle skin while keeping a Caith on the actionbars, doesn't change the square base icon used on the castbar. Real shame, that square in the circle is going to get to me :S

One way is I could try seeing if it's possible to substitute spell icons with WeakAuras but I doubt it...

@Rammoth: Aw, thanks for the comment! This UI isn't quite ready for use yet, maybe for a while heh.

Minor update:

I got my party frames to look prettier and kinda match ShinyBuffs!

And darker colored border:

Another quirk of Stuf. Guessing because the Party frames are linked, how the bottom power bars are skinned by the border texture choice changes depending on which Party frame it is. So the top two frames look like how I want them, but the bottom two don't, with the power bar overlaying instead of being under. I don't know how to fix this, I got lucky fiddling with frame levels and opacity to get the top two looking just right, but can't get the bottom to follow :S

Also added borders around my health and power bar, and used a flatter texture so the colors don't get too darkened.

I have an idea about how to put in a pet and a target/boss frame, but prolly get to that later.

PS: Does anyone know why my screenshots don't get saved at full resolution when I printscreen with WoW?

PS2: Oh, it's imgur being weird and downsizing my images o.0

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