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Updated to nUI+, regretted it immediately

Hello Everyone,

I LOVE your addon, but I have found myself in quite a squeeze. I was using nUI from curse.com (not sure of the version since I deleted it in my excitement to try the + version... D'oh) on my hunter for months and have loved every second of it. Then I started playing a resto shaman and not being able to see 25m parties in raids that I was healing for was quite a challenge. So I updated to nUI+ today, following all the steps and signing up for everything, in hopes that the update would solve my raid group healing issues. Unfortunantly it made things much worse. I cannot see... anything really. I'm unable to see the entire center console where the portraits for myself, my party and my target are supposed to be. I also lost my actionbar on top after the upgrade.

When I first saw this I was like, oh this is no problem, I'll just change the party setting to 10m or self and it'll show up... There is no party button ... there is no unit frame button on the top either...Nor can i see the buffs of target or self on the left and right side of the view frame... what the heck?

So whatever, I was dissapointed but didn't wanna deal with it or try to fix it at the moment so I redownloaded nUI from curse.com, slapped it in my addon folder, deleted my wtf, restarted up my wow and.... same problem... Now I'm stuck with not being able to use either version... HELP!!

Included is a screenshot of what I'm now stuck with... virtually unplayable in its current state.
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