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Okay attached is the latest set-up with *drumroll* Target Frame and Pet Frame (because my main's a Hunter so I have to prep to move back )

Not sure how readable they are too other people though. Pet Frame is on top of player health bar (left side), shows pet health + focus.

Target is mirrored on the right, above player power bar, and is class color coded. I might overlay enemy castbar over the power bar. Two examples targetting different classes. No debuff/buff icons for target frame, I rely on WeakAuras to detect my own debuffs and other things I look on-screen.

(I don't know where the number 30 stuck on the pet frame is from, I tried disabling everything but couldn't find why it came from...also the little loot icon below my power bar is just something I forgot to disable on the target frame)

Also trying out the Diablo III Spiked Masque skin because the square icons look boring. It looks amazing for the stance bar icon, but the default is a little dark and not fully matching for the normal bars...

Tried pure circle icons but it doesn't fit well, and I don't like pure simple circles for action buttons.

Using BasicExperienceBar for the EXPbar at screen top. And replaced rChat with BasicChatMod

Also my tooltips are attached to my cursor so that I don't have to look away from something for info. But maybe anchoring it just to the left of the quest tracker would work well too (at least for unit tooltips).

Figured out a way to get the party frames' borders to work after doing the target/pet frames (turns out just scaling down instead of setting a small height for the bars would make the borders scale down properly too), so still going to fix that.

Aaand hopefully got everything aligned nicely. I'm eyeballing with Align mostly, and nudging when I can.

Any suggestions for a good Masque skin for the actionbars? I can fallback to Caith for square style, but I'm hoping to find something a little snazzier.

New Addons used:
- BasicExperienceBar -> might change to using XPBarNone instead
- BasicChatMod
- Masque Diablo III skin

PS: Full resolution pics this time. No more silly Imgur limits <.<
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