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Well, subscribing to a premium service is totally optional, and I don't think anyone feels guilty because they can't afford to pay (or don't want to pay) $5 a month to hide the ads on WoWI or download a little faster on Curse.

Viewing ads is also totally optional in this day and age, and I don't think most people feel very guilty about blocking them.

Anyway, I think the situation is very different when it's an individual addon author asking for money. At that point it's personal -- you see the asker as a human being, an ordinary person just like you, and you feel bad about saying "no". That's why the "help me get my kid some shoes" approach pisses me off so much. It makes me feel bad about something that should be a fun hobby... or at least it used to. Now I work in Berkeley, and I say "no" to about 58978541521 people asking me for my spare change every day, so I guess I'm kind of desensitized. It still annoys me, though.
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