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Oh okay. Well, if you have Photoshop you could edit the image in there. Change it to match what you would like out of it. From what I gather, you're talking about a circle on top of a square, but the center of where the square is be transparent (gone), so that the icons in game can be stretched a bit and fit into that spot? That should be relatively easy to do. Open it in photoshop, create a square behind it, then select the area in the center of the circle, but do it with the selection tool and do it while you're on the square layer, and then "edit" and "clear", then you should be good to go.

You can make it the color you want easily too. Might also be a good idea to make the design aspect of it flat, since most of the UI is flat, it would match better. What I mean by that is take the art from it. To do that, paste an entire color over top of it, the 3D aspect of it will be gone, then it'll be flat. If you don't want it flat, then it would make more sense to update the rest of the UI to not be flat as well, by creating a 3D design to it, using the 3D section on Photoshop, but Illustrator is going to get you nicer edges on design, so I'd recommend that but not a lot of folks have it or know how to use it.

I used illustrator to help me create my icon I use here on my account. The skull viking thing. I did that. When I started it took a long time. So if you put a lot of effort into it, and you know what you're doing and have the skill set to make it what you want, then you're gonna get there. When you think you're done, sit there and stare at every aspect of the UI for about an hour or 2, while listening to music that you like - that will help you find anything you may have missed, or something that isn't just quite right. That's how I do it, I'm a designer and I went to school to learn my skill set, then I taught myself everything else. You don't have to go to school to learn that -- there are tutorials online that will help you learn how to use every feature of every software you want to learn. Good luck.

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I actually kinda want the 'circle in a square' look like the Diablo III Spiked buttons, but they're too dark somehow and blend too much into each other. I might just lighten them myself to match what I want better.

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