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ThreatPlates is actually pretty much sufficing to show everything about my target currently, including debuffs on the nameplate itself (it's a bit squished though, I haven't tried to edit ThreatPlate's main look yet) and a target highlight. I'm still not sure if I truly need a target frame proper anymore (except a boss target frame for instances because they're so huge the nameplate goes through the roof).

I dunno, I guess because I'm so used on my Hunter and using mouse-over macros, I value mobility and target-switching over needing to keep an eye over a single target's info.

So I might rip out both the pet/target frames and use that location for my Chi Bar in the same shape instead. Seems to fit much better (but I really wish Stuf had it now, I'm relying on 'mimicking' it with WeakAuras currently)

Debuffs/buffs for targets and myself are currently on relying on WeakAuras. I might use NeedToKnow if I want old-fashion buffbars again but I'm trying to keep the addon count to as minimum as possible. Plus I'm only monitoring my own debuffs on targets so I'm not using any major buffbar addons except ShinyBuffs to move and reskin the default buffs icons.

Tooltip, yeah I just kept the default configuration after finding the style I wanted. Not sure what to do with that, might just take out the power bar and keep the health bar, take out the buff icons on top, and probably the guild titles since I have that enabled on friendly names anyway. Not sure of the faction text, doesn't serve any purpose, but mostly I keep it because of opposing Pandas that I try to talk to at the Monk HQ only to find out they're ally Pandas >_>;;;

Also, because of super clutter from having a cursor castbar and a tooltip stuck to the cursor, I've anchored the tooltip to the top of TinyDPS.

The exp bar is just a personal thing. I can't understand exp in terms of data text so I need the bar to visualize. I wish I could hide it and have it show only on mouseover though (I switched to using XpBarNone now, and it has a border, because there was no option to skin it with a border for BEB).
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