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I am italian, and now we have the wow client in our language too.

I'd like to modify my macro to use the spell id and item id so I don't have to change them everytime I switch from the game in english and in italian.

For example now I have a simple macro:

/y I am resurrecting %t
/cast [combat] Rebirth ; Revive

And this obviusly doesn't work when I start the game in italian.
I'd like to write it like:

/y I am resurrecting %t
/cast [combat] spell:20484 ; spell:50769

but it seems not possible.

Instead it seems to works something like, for example:

/use item:86569 --> for crystal of insanity.

So it works for items, but not for spell or mount (I think they are spell too).

The questions are ... :-)

1) Am I miss something or it is in this way ?

2) Could I try to use the castspellbyid wow api function in any way and if yes can someone post some example ?

3) Last thing: if everything above is impossible is there an addon that can let us spellid or simplify the dual locale management of the macro ?

Thanks everyone.
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