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Alternate Power Bar Help Please?

I'd like to ask the community for some assistance please.

In a nutshell... I need to identify all of the different ways that the player alternate power bar is used in quests and instances. This is the additional power bar that sometimes pops up in the lower center of your screen while you are doing certain quests and encounters. Sometimes it's a bar, sometimes it's a counter, sometimes it is a circle the grows and shrinks, sometimes it changes colors to let you know which action you're supposed to be taking.

I would like to try and compile a list of all of the quests and encounters that the alternate power bar appears and how the mechanic works for that quest/encounter. I have created an alternate power bar in nUI6, but I know there are certain applications of it that don't work "right" according to the intended use of the bar in the event.

If you would, please reply to this thread to post specific quests and/or bosses where this bar appears, what type of bar it is.... counter, bar, orb, or whatever, what colors are used for the bar and how the bar values/colors are interpreted.

Your help in building this list would be most appreciated.

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