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Reckles UI - Fury Warrior

Hey all. So, this is my work in progress UI, although it's mostly finished. Any tips or advice are greatly appreciated. I'm going for a minimalist Alt-Z look, with only the information that would actually change my rotation or play style displayed. So map, extra bars, recount, etc are available on hover or request, but other than that it's open. I feel like my chat pane is still a little awkward (using prat) and my raid frames need some work. Buffs/debuffs are stock/boring as well, and I'd like some kind of tellmewhen pop up when my target is casting something interruptable. Thanks ahead of time for your help.

UI Mounted

UI Combat

UI Combat + TMW (execute phase, Bloodbath 12 sec, Colossus Smash avail+CS 6s window)

UI Hidden Stuff 1

UI Hidden Stuff 2

UI Raid combat (needs work, help!)

Thanks again for the help.
Chat- Prat 3.0
Bars- Bartender4
Buttons- Masque + Masque: Renaitre
Health Bars- Pitbull
Rage Bar (lower left side)- Comergy
Map- Sexymap
Notifications- TellMeWhen
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