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Kinda figured

Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
First off, an apology because I did run the poll asking, and I know quests won by a long shot... but hear me out

Every aspect of Carbonite needs an overhaul to make it easier to use.
Every aspect of Carbonite needs an overhaul to better support localization, and to remove byte code so it's easier to update / maintain.
Every aspect of Carbonite needs an overhaul to better support profiles, and configurations

Part of the quest overhaul is going to be breaking it apart (either by zone, or level range haven't decided yet) so it will use less memory if you don't need 80% of the quest data.

Because of the work involved in overhauling it, I really don't want to do the work twice, once to work with what is current, and once to work with the new modular map system.

TLDR, Maps will be done first.
Here is a idea just fix it and not ripe it apart. Modular does not mean easier to maintain. Deadly boss mods now works like crap. They divided it up into several "modules " and basically its junk now. Half the time the proper module does not load correctly. Or one module will cause errors with another. Everyone would rather have a working program then pieces that do not work. Every patch you are going to have to make the changes to it to get it to work with the changes. You have a working program that just needs a bit of work. If you ripe it apart i will bet it never gets finished. They are planning a new patch every 2 -3 months there for you are going to have to keep changing code every few months while your trying to re write it. Unless you have decided that this is going to be your full time job just fix what you have and get on with it.