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Most of this is related to your raid screenshot, since that's the one that made me cringe the most.

Too many different fonts -- chat frame, unit frames, Recount all using different fonts. Pick one and use it everywhere. Make one exception somewhere if you want -- for example, if you want a more decorative font but find it too hard to read chat, use a readable font in the chat frame, and the decorative font everywhere else; if you want a readable font everywhere, you could use a more decorative font for the damage/healing text over people's heads.

Too many different bar textures -- raid frames, unit frames, and BG timer bars all using different textures. Pick one and use it everywhere.

What's with the random empty space to the right of the buffs? Either put something in that space, or move the buffs over.

Raid frames are enormous and incredibly cluttered. You're a warrior; you don't need to see health text, debuffs (you can't dispel any), buffs, or power bars.

Too much stuff overlapping in the lower right corner. Try moving the BG map over to the left, and move the tooltip up.

I don't really like the multiple rows of round buttons. The huge gaps between them just don't work. Also, I don't know what's up with the gigantic button to the right of the bars, but it looks like a condom and doesn't really match anything else.

I'm guessing the transparent minimap is intentional, but it just looks broken. If you want it hidden but still accessible in combat, try making it show on mouseover, or while some modifier key is pressed.
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