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Phanx, you're awesome (albeit blunt, lol).

Fonts- groovy, I'll work on that. Honestly never would have thought about how this would bring everything together.

Bar textures- Good catch. I don't know how to change BG timer bars, but I'll get on it. Turns out I didn't have xperl on when I took the screenshot and raid frames have gone to hell since then, but a more unified look would definitely help. Thanks.

What's with the random empty space to the right of the buffs? - Yah, so the empty space was where the minimap was, and I don't know how to move them? Any advice? Someone in guild said something about....Satrina? Would that allow me to modify buffs?

Raid frames - while there are certain things I need to see for the occasional safeguard, I can see what you're talking about. Not gonna take everything away but I'll clean it up some.

Overlapping in lower right corner. - OMG, I can't move or disable the BG map now; I don't care about it, don't want it, ever. wtfwhywontitmove. Also, how do I change tooltip location?

I don't really like the multiple rows of round buttons. - Well, too bad, I do and it's my UI muahaha. But really, I dig it. Thanks for the input though.

Condom button/buttons - I assume you're talking about the three TellMeWhen circles. I tend to get tunnel vision when I'm learning a fight. Big bright flashing things remind me to colossus smash/apply bleeds/execute when I should. In other words, those are my raiding training wheels, lol.

Minimap - yah, I don't really care about the minimap, so it's already set to on mouseover. Quick question though, because I think I know what you're talking about. The icons displayed on the minimap don't set to on mouseover either, and kinda just show up when I don't want them there. You know how to set them to display on request, without having to go through turning on and off individual "hide x/hide y" each time I decide to track fishing pools?

Other than that, thanks for taking the time to look. Anyone else see anything?

P.S. Wait, what? You're the admin of Grid?! I...I feel like I'm talking to a celebrity. Neat! You suddenly have a lot more credibility than "random helpful internet person."

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