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Personally, I'd say the party frames are still too big, but I just don't like portraits, especially 3D ones. There's also no indication of what class each party member is. Class-coloring the health or power bar is an easy way to add this. You might also make the health bar taller so it stands out more for healers.

Mistweaver monks can still use Tiger stance, and I'd assume Brewmaster monks can too. However, I don't think it's warranted to have a whole bar for just 1 or 2 buttons. I have stances keybound on every character I play that has stances, or you could use OPie for that. If you want to keep the button(s), I'd move them down and to the right so they come after the last button on the lower action bar, with a gap in between.

You should move your action bars down a little bit so that the bottom of the lower bar lines up with the bottom of the lower party frames. Also, scale up the bars a little so that their ends line up with the outside ends of your player/target frames, and move the upper bar up a little so the center lines up with the gap between the upper and lower party frames.

I'd scale up the buffs a little bit so their bottom lines up with the bottom of the player frame, and their top lines up with the top of the target frame. If you don't want to make them bigger, I'd suggest lining up the bottom anyway, since it makes more sense to line them up with (a) the unit they are associated with and (b) the elements that will always be visible.

The border on your XP bar doesn't match.

You might want to trim the tank/healer/dps icons on the party frames so they are square.

Where do you have the extra action button and alternate power bar?

Finally, the Blizzard group manager tab looks really out of place there. Reskin it, or make it show only on mouseover, or just get rid of it.
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