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separate modules within 1 addon

Hi there ladies / gents.

Over the last year or so, I've been self learning Lua and it's turned into a bit of a hobby where writing code has become more enjoyable than.. ehem.. playing the game!

I've written a UI with optional integration into different aspects of the game that the user can disable/enable at will (ie Chat, Auction House etc etc). For clarity's sake, modules.

Each module is a different Lua file within the one addon, so effectively, the TOC reads:


While the Core.lua file contains many functions that other modules use, functions within each module are created solely for that module.

What I would very much like to do is this... If, say, the Chat module is shown as disabled in my DB on startup or reload, I'd like to be able to prevent any of that module's code from being read.

I've experimented in several ways to do this. My most recent attempt was to call a function in Core.lua which would send a addon message with the 2nd arg being "load Chat Module". The chat_Module.lua in turn has an OnEvent script that would listen for that call and read/call the functions when it gets it.

It works. But not very well. I've found that it never loads the chat script when I log in for the first time, but it always does when I reload.

I'm guessing that the reason for this is that by the time the game has read (and called) my "load Chat Module" function in Core.lua, it hasn't even started reading Chat_Module.lua yet. Like I say, that's just my guess, I might be well off.

Any suggestions for this would be greatly appreciated. I'm just very cautious about wasting memory if it's not required... especially with me being a beginner and all.

P.S. Phanx, if you read this, thanks very much for your suggestions and code regarding setting up defaults for the addon's DB.

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