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Profiles - a work around (?)


My biggest frustration for Ion currently is a lack of profiles. eg I create bars for my hunter, switch to my mage .. and there are my hunter bars and key bindings.

I know nothing of addons, though I do see in each toc file "SavedVariables" and "SavedVariablesPetCharacter".

Is this OK to change?

eg Ion.toc, I change this :

## DefaultState: enabled
## SavedVariables: IonGDB, IonItemCache
## SavedVariablesPerCharacter: IonCDB, IonSpec

to this :

## DefaultState: enabled
## SavedVariablesPerCharacter: IonCDB, IonSpec, IonGDB, IonItemCache

And in each toc file I do similar (add "SavedVariables" to "SavedVariablesPerChar" and then delete "SavedVariables" line).

Is this likely to break any thing? It does seem so far (ie literally several minutes of making bars) that each char now has its own independent bars and binds, though as I say I know nothing of add ons or how they work so I am expecting this to all fall to pieces quite soon
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