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I used to just use class icons for party windows, but felt that was too...detached? I dunno, felt bad about reducing party members to classes, if that makes sense.

Anyway trying to remake it, but I can't figure out what's a good look.

Also yeah Brewmasters *can* use Tiger Stance, but when I'm on that spec, honestly the bonuses from just staying in Brewmaster stance even for soloing is more worth it, such as access to skills. The only thing I lose is the +20% damage but Keg Smash alone deals obscene amounts of damage for AOEing anyway. And I've macroed basically to always auto-switch back to Brewmaster on all my relevant skills. At this point, if I want to switch stances I'd rather just make a toggling macro since they're just 2 relevant stances (compared to like a Hunter's Aspects or a Druid forms, at least just having so many makes a toggle really impossible).

Yeah the action bars, I shrunk them down a bit, and to make them more symmetrical, might just make them have the full 12 button layout.

ShinyBuffs only moves the default original buff frames, which is why I'm thinking of recreating a similar layout but in Raven so I can move debuffs and buffs independently better.

Can't really do anything with the XP bar. I'm using XPBarNone and it looks it's using the default Blizzard XP border. I don't have the knowledge of LUA to really modify that in anyway.

Extra Action is hooked to the right of the actionbars (which makes it bump into the buff frame, unfortunately). Alternate Power I originally disabled because I had no idea what they were for.

And I want to get rid of that flyout.
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