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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
Yeah, I got what he meant by repair when I came back to check the thread.
thanks Seerah for the reply.

I tried sCompanions (not found before because I search for mount :-) but it is not now the addon I am looking for.

A lot of the mount addons I checked start from the basic idea that the user like ALL the mounts so they tried to cast mount on all of them. (and probably it is correct and I am only an exception :-)

But I don't want to summon my random mount from all the 150 mount I have, but I like only a small subset of them and I want to use only them.

Then I like the idea to summon a random repair mount and a random transport mount.
Same thing with flyings things.

Now I imagine that Scompanion could be perfect if I could define the categories in a file (categories.lua ??) like:

category1 = {
["Green Mechanostrider"] = true,
["Bombay Cat"] = true,
["Wintersaber"] = true,

and then cast like /scompanion category1

and so on ...

Thanks very much for your answer (and for your addons ... I am using a lot of them :-)
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