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Hi Brainn

That mean the bar offset is not good for one state. I am not able to test this because I don't play a lot this last time. I need you to do this :

Default UI is
[bar:2] 1; [bar:3] 2; [bar:4] 3; [bar:5] 4; [bar:6] 5; [bonusbar:5] 10; [overridebar] 11; [possessbar] 11; [vehicleui] 11;

We need to know whitch state is call and what is the good page offset.

Step one identify the state
try to replace the default ui by this
[bar:2] 1; [bar:3] 2; [bar:4] 3; [bar:5] 4; [bar:6] 5; [bonusbar:5] a; [overridebar] b; [possessbar] c; [vehicleui] d;

In the file
C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\RDX\Designs\Lists\ActionBarsHandler.lua

line 127, uncomment the line "print" below
if name == 'state-page' then
--print("new state " .. value);
newpage = value;

In the game, activate chatframe of blizzard from the menu RDX settings.
In the chatframe, you will see a, b, c or d when you are transformed. This will indicate which state has been triggered.

In the default ui, replace back the values
[bar:2] 1; [bar:3] 2; [bar:4] 3; [bar:5] 4; [bar:6] 5; [bonusbar:5] 10; [overridebar] 11; [possessbar] 11; [vehicleui] 11;

Replace the offset 11 by 10 and see what happen.

Thanks you
RDX manager
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