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Originally Posted by Telarian View Post
I've been in an increasing number of unnecessary wipes in LFR lately that weren't because of people failing to mechanics, etc. (or more than usual).

It was because we'd discover after the fight that there had been only 3 or 4 out of 6 healers actually healing, and the other 2-3 "healers" had just queued as heals for the fast queue, but stayed dps.

I was wondering if there is an addon or if someone would be interested in making an addon that does a quick check of healer and tank specs when a button is clicked, just to make sure they're in the proper specs. Then you click another button to remind them to change to the proper spec.

This is a good one. Ive looked around a little to see if I could find anything helpful but I think what Driz posted would be a good option. If you you want something a little bit less hefty you can try Examiner and do the inspections manually.


- Cheers, hope this helps a little
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