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What you're not taking into account here Sauce, is that Scott is focusing all the time he can on pushing nUI6 with the stuff that has been live up until the release of 5.1; I highly doubt he had the ability to also focus on the material that has been on the PTRs for testing 5.1.

Not to mention the fact that he said he is not putting in the time to bug-patch nUI5 other than notifying users of when someone like Xrystal is able to do those on-the-fly patches while he focuses on nUI6.

There is always going to be addons that are not 100% compatible with freshly-released material - the day that all addons for a game are 100% tested & functional for a patch-day is going to be when we know that the game has become so stagnant that it isn't going to last much longer.

You just have to be patient.