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The first thing I did when logging in yesterday after the server came up ( fortunately I have a few days off this week ) was make sure I could play the game with no errors.

The only error I came up with was at login and due to another addon. I have yet to see a nUI error happening I was online for almost 20 hrs yesterday.

I didn't get to play against the Sha yesterday but as has always been the case with nUI 5 due to its base design ( hence the redesign for 6 ) is that the more stuff going on on the screen the more problems you get. This is more than likely due to the fact that when Scott wrote nUI initially it was for his own personal use. ( if I remember rightly that is )

Even before the patch hit yesterday I used to worry that my computer would collapse doing the sha fight as my laptop goes into heart attack mode when I have 40+ on the screen in raid40 display it has a hell of a time keeping up. My solution was (as a healer even) was to simply switch down to player mode as the built in raid window was also on the screen which is enough for my healing needs.

As Djinn said, I have been keeping an eye on nUI5 so that Scott can keep his eye on nUI6. Any errors that appear that are repeatable I have been looking into and attempting to fix. The recent comments on the thanksgiving table problem is proof of this but I didn't get a chance to spend too much time on it before the game holiday was finished but I am still unsure of how to fix it but will have to wait until next year to see if v6 gets the same problem.