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Lightbulb Fps Lag Issues

Yeah, My wife and I are having the same problems with FPS dropping from 150+ to around 5 FPS on seperate PCs. I did some testing and digging. I disabled all my addons but NUI+. I turned on display LUA errors. Attacked a training dummy and several enemy NPCs in different zones and as soon as I started combat the LUA error box popped up and the error count just kept climbing till I RL NUI+ FPS went to 5 but latency stayed around 41. I then tested other actions with cooldown timers such as trinkets and hearthstone and had the same results. I then turned off show cooldowns and times in the NUI+ config and that seemed to solve the problem for a couple of hrs. but then started back up last night before I logged out. Hope my efforts will help someone narrow down the problem and maybe come up with a hotfix. twizt3dkitty reported on another page on here that they have the same problem with NUI6.