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1. Using "Hide" would also break it if you actually have a cooldown on the button that is locked out from casting, so yeah you can't do that, but nice try Phanx.

2. Replacing it with a empty function is one possibility but the taint has to be evaluated, for now it's a possibility but not sure if it's a good one. In any case it's a good suggestion, Semlar.

3. The best one so far is simply to have the shine appear for a moment but hide the effect.

My suggestion is something like:
hooksecurefunc(getmetatable(ActionButton1.cooldown).__index, "SetLossOfControlCooldown", function(self, _, _, arg) if arg ~= true then self:SetLossOfControlCooldown(0, 0, true) end end)
The purpose is to still allow it to set a loss of control animation in specific cases, but still block out the default Blizzard once.

The current addons like Lose Control Options Fix and NoRed is that they use the default actionbar frames, i.e. if you have custom bars then they won't work for you. My only issue with Loss of Control Remover is that it uses a library that needs to be updated, so the more "solid" way to fix this is going for an approach like hooking the metatables or something, as it will affect all cooldown widgets.

Also, NoRed is front page mmochamp material, so all those using it will have a global "f" variable, hehe. :P
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