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Welcome back to WoW xsinx!

Allow me to catch you up on things carbonite side,

When MoP was unleashed upon us, the original authors faatal and haavok decided they no longer had the time to continue updating Carbonite. They released it to the world in it's original form and basically told us to Have fun with it.

I was selected by the community and the staff of the interface sites to become the new person responsable, mostly for 2 reasons... 1) I was already releasing updates leading up to MoP, and 2) no one else volunteered :P.

But with this came some complications, because none of us know the code inside and out like the previous authors we are learning as we go on how everything fits together so some parts of it are not yet up to date with MoP's content, and some is coming soon / in testing (like microdungeons and gathering nodes)

TLDR summary: Carbonite doesn't yet have pandaria quests, it tries to learn from wow but it's not perfect.