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Power auras is broken for me.
When I try to do new display it gives the following error. This makes the addon unusable.
I even tried creating a new profile and it still gave the error.
I also deleted the save file so when powa auras starts up it gives you the whats changed box.
Even then it still gives the error when you click on the display menu.

I have no idea why this broke, but guessing something in the last patch on tuesday.

I did some checking and its related to the icon in a table called items being nil.
I looked at function Dropdown:AddItem(key, icon, value, tooltip) and all the icon values are

Found a fix here

5x PowerAurasOptions-5.0.0.P\Widgets\Dropdown.lua:675: attempt to index a nil value
PowerAurasOptions-5.0.0.P\Widgets\Dropdown.lua:675: in function "New"
PowerAurasOptions-5.0.0.P\Main.lua:114: in function "Create"
PowerAurasOptions-5.0.0.P\Widgets\Dropdown.lua:406: in function "PerformLayout"
PowerAurasOptions-5.0.0.P\Widgets\Basic.lua:620: in function "ResumeLayout"
PowerAurasOptions-5.0.0.P\Widgets\Dropdown.lua:320: in function "RefreshMenu"
PowerAurasOptions-5.0.0.P\Widgets\Editor.lua:131: in function "Callback"
PowerAurasOptions-5.0.0.P\Widgets\Editor.lua:851: in function <PowerAurasOptions\Widgets\Editor.lua:834>

self = <table> {
GetTriggerTimed = <func> @PowerAuras\Dispatcher.lua:216
CreateCustomTrigger = <func> @PowerAuras\Classes\Triggers\Custom.lua:20
CharacterSettings = <table> {}
LastVersion = <table> {}
GetOwningBarTemplateSet = <func> @PowerAuras\Media.lua:23
ZoneTypes = <table> {}
GetFontPath = <func> @PowerAuras\Media.lua:148
CountPairs = <func> @PowerAuras\Utils.lua:59
PrintDebug = <func> @PowerAuras\Main.lua:525
DecodeString = <func> @PowerAuras\Utils.lua:800
CopyTable = <func> @PowerAuras\Utils.lua:40
ResourceLoadMessageTypes = <table> {}
CreateAnimationEditor = <func> @PowerAurasOptions\Widgets\Editor\Displays\Animations.lua:227
DecodeMatch = <func> @PowerAuras\Utils.lua:675
ValidateServiceClass = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Services\Interface.lua:300
HasServiceClass = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Services\Interface.lua:89
UnloadLayouts = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Layouts\Loader.lua:97
RegisterModule = <func> @PowerAuras\Main.lua:624
SpellIDLookup = <table> {}
DefaultIcon = "Icons\TEMP"
ImportProfile = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Profiles\Variables.lua:94
HasLayout = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Layouts\Variables.lua:64
GetLoadedProvider = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Services\Loader.lua:10
StartTime = 1000632.82
GetDisplaySoundAction = <func> @PowerAurasOptions\Widgets\Editor\Displays\DisplaySound.lua:100
PointTypes = <table> {}
GetAuraProviderCount = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Services\Variables.lua:126
GetCurrentProfile = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Profiles\Loader.lua:36
FormatString = <func> @PowerAuras\Utils.lua:186
CreateAuraActionSequence = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Sequences\Variables.lua:7
ReloadCustomTrigger = <func> @PowerAuras\Classes\Triggers\Custom.lua:174
IterServiceInterfaces = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Services\Interface.lua:151
DeleteTriggeredAnimation = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\..\Variables.lua:120
GetLoadedActionData = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Actions\Loader.lua:101
GetFontSets = <func> @PowerAuras\Media.lua:171
MarkActionDependentProviders = <func> @PowerAuras\Dispatcher.lua:816
Throttle = <table> {}
DisconnectParameterHandler = <func> @PowerAurasOptions\Variables.lua:63
HasAuraActionTrigger = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Triggers\Variables.lua:160
IterServiceClasses = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Services\Interface.lua:120
MarkTriggerType = <func> @PowerAuras\Dispatcher.lua:838
GetTooltipLines = <func> @PowerAuras\Utils.lua:738
GetLoadedProviders = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Services\Loader.lua:15
IsProviderLoaded = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Services\Loader.lua:21
GetAuras = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Auras\Variables.lua:210
UnloadLayout = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Layouts\Loader.lua:81
LoadDisplay = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Displays\Loader.lua:72
GetAura = <func> @PowerAuras\Types\Auras\Variables.lua:197
GetAllProfiles = <functi

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