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I recently started leveling a monk brewmaster, and I've noticed there are several abilities which could be better tracked. The following abilities are important to Brewmasters, and could use some form of tracking bar/interaction:

Tiger Palm applies buffs:
Tiger Power (Self buff) - Attacks ignore 30% armor. 20 seconds.
Power Guard (Self buff) - Your next Guard is increased by 15%. 30 seconds.
Both could simply be a bar. At the very least Tiger Power should be tracked via a bar, Power Guard could be tracked some other way or not tracked at all.
Brewing: Elusive Brew Stacks up to 15 times.
Could be identical to rogue's combo points (except the same teal color as monks?) and 1 point = 3 stacks. Then 5 "points" would mean a 15 stack of Brew.
Stagger - Monk's mastery/mitigation mechanic, applies 3 different buffs:
Light Stagger
Moderate Stagger
Heavy Stagger
Could be tracked the same way Rogue's Bandit's Guile is tracked. A single bar which can be colored Green, Yellow or Red (representing their respective buffs). Then, similar to Vengeance, the actual value of the stagger could be displayed as a number at the bottom of the bars.
Just ideas, but currently Brewmaster support is fairly poor.

Additionally, Rogue's Anticipation talent should be tracked.

Anticipation - Grants an "overflow pool" for 5 extra combo points. Any points generated beyond the standard 5 will stack this buff, and offensive finishing moves will convert this buff into new combo points.
Currently I have this being tracked by the former deadly poison (deadly poison no longer has stacks) tracking display. I simply changed the debuff to a buff, and changed the spell ID from Deadly Poison to Anticipation. This causes Anticipation stacks to display as green counters underneath the standard Combo Point tracker.
Thanks for all of the hard work, this is better than anything I've ever used before. My entire guild uses ElvUI, but when I switched post-patch I couldn't last 15 minutes without RealUI. I switched back immediately. I have no idea what I'm going to do if RealUI gets abandoned.