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Normally I would suggest that you experience the game without addons first. This will get you used to how Blizzard presents the data and what types of things you can do. The game is rather complicated with all you can do and you probably should figure that out before you attempt addons.

Some addons are grouped in packs, but this is not the case with all, and you need not worry whether addons are in packs. There are addons that change the look of the UI so mostly all traces of the Blizzard UI are gone, others that add new panels for different functionality, etc. Because a lot of addons change or add things they will probably need to be learned. That is why learning what is already there first is important, because it makes learning other things easier.

When you get addons, it is best to get them from or because that is where most authors will post their addons. Other sites that group together addons should be avoided. There are a few developers that maintain their own sites, which should be fine if you cannot find their addons on wowinterface or curse. Remember that addons are free so you should never pay for them.
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