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Originally Posted by moon_river View Post
Hello guys! I'm new player. I'm just starting playing wow. I'm thinking about addons. I know that addons are in packs. Which are the best for beginners? And how can i get some addons? Sorry if my questions are stupid, but wow isn't the easiest game. At least for beginners
This brings me back to when I used my first add-on 6 years ago - level 21 NE druid in Ashenvale. I spent 3 hours trying to download a dis-honerable kill add-on (back then dishonerable kills used to lower your rank). I eventually got it working once I found out you had to open the wow folder (something I never did).

I experienced the game very early with add-ons and got through fine so I can give my recommendation to go ahead and experiment as much as you want.

Start Simple:

All in one Inventory - (inventory displayed in one bag)
Gatherer - (To display nodes on your map after you gathered them via mining/herb)
Tidy Plates - (A basic UI altering add-on)

If you want to download the easiest way would be to use the curse client over at curse.com OR you can get them right here at wow-interface. Check youtube for some detailed explanations.
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