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Class Colored Nameplates

As a disclaimer: I struggled in deciding where to post this thread: Lua/XML Help, or General Authoring Discussion. If a moderator decides this fits better in another section, please move it. Thank you.

I am curious as to why Blizzard provides the option to color hostile nameplates by class, but not for friendly name plates. Is anyone able to shed some light on the topic for me, if there is some sort of logic behind the situation.

The reason I ask is because is seems a bit ridiculous that we have to write extremely hefty AddOns to cache units, and process their class, then update the nameplate to reflect that cached information, when Blizzard is capable of doing it for hostile units.

If there isn't a valid reason for Blizzard neglecting this option for friendly units, does anyone think it would be worth my time posting about it?
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