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I doubt they are intentionally not adding class coloring for friendly players. They just have no idea what they are doing with the nameplate system, and keep making random changes that nobody who actually plays with nameplates likes (changing the tapped color from gray to purple, making small mobs' nameplates smaller, letting nameplates overlap, etc.) because someone who doesn't actually play WoW or use nameplates had a half-baked idea, and nobody else involved actually plays WoW or uses nameplates, so everyone just went along with it so they could say they were doing something.

Since many of the major features they've added to the default UI were basically copied from addons (Scrolling Combat Text, CTRaid, Grid/Healbot, PowerAuras, QuestHelper, etc.) I would not be surprised if the lack of improvements to the default nameplates was directly related to a lack of popular nameplate addons, which in turn is directly related to the internals of the nameplates being so horrible for authors to work with.

I'd go ahead and make the suggestion, but I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for them to implement it (or any other sensible improvements) either.
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