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Originally Posted by Elderin View Post
1) What is an expected wait time once a query has been submitted and the corresponding event happens so that the desired data-gathering function can be called? (Obviously, lag time would be a consideration, but assuming lag is negligible, how quick can the server be expected to have data ready?)
When dealing with retrieving data from the server, latency is pretty much 99% of the delay.

Originally Posted by Elderin View Post
2) Once the addon has registered for the event, will the server continue to notify it that fresh information is available by reissuing the event when the server "sees" that something has changed until either the addon unregisters the event or the addon itself is terminated when I log out of WoW? Or do I need to continue to make the query call in order for the server to accumulate fresh info and fire off the event to my addon?
Short answer, no. All data requests that require to be queried are on a respond-reply model. The whole purpose of this is because information like the entire roster of a large guild can end up being a lot of data to transmit. In order to cut down on bandwidth usage, this information is only sent when requested and not automatically. If there is any change to related information an addon may need, the server will only tell the game to fire a different event and require the addon to requery the server.
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