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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
Blizzard has done a really good job with the quest UI, to the point where I don't think you need any questing addons. Everything you need to see is marked clearly on your map. The only quest-related addon I'd suggest for new players is QuestPointer, which will make TomTom show a 3D arrow on your screen pointing you to the nearest quest objective so you can be spared the horror of opening your map to see where to go.
I'll look it up. Wholly/Grail's advantage is that it references the quests with pre-quests, so you can find the start of a quest line, and also know where to go if you're missing some for achievements. There are others that do this too, but I've found this author to be much more responsive.

Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
Use Dropbox to sync your AddOns and WTF folders.

The only caveat is that Dropbox doesn't handle junctions/symlinks/whatevers very well, so unless you want to manually tell it to check for changes to files every time (I don't!), you'll have to actually move your AddOns and WTF folders into your Dropbox folder, and then set up junction points in your WoW folder, since WoW doesn't care if the folder is "actually" there or not.

Then, any time you change anything on one machine, it will automatically propagate to the others.
Dude! You've no clue how much time my husband has put into trying to find a way to have only one copy of wow on our machines so we aren't spending disk space annoyingly. Looking into drop box today (and hoping it works with Linux).

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