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Right now I'm using Ask Mr Robot for my Blood tank (all my toons really), and using the Hit/Exp gearing strategy with the Relative gear ranking. If I get what I need for Hit/Exp and Dodge/Parry then I balance the rest out with Mastery and Stam regardless of what the site advises. Currently I can out heal/DPS the other blood tanks in my guild and they have much much better gear than I have along with much higher mastery ratings. I totally attribute this to Hit and Expertise.

In conjunction with Ask Mr Robot I use Noxxic for rotation advice, and Elitist Jerks macro advice on balancing out dodge and parry.

I was using the Mastery gearing strat on Ask Mr Robot, but I'm getting much better results with the Hit/Exp strat. Your own personal mileage may vary.
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