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Hi Phanx,

as usual thanks for your precious inputs.

About the second iussue, the

Lua Code:
  1. destGUID == UnitGUID("player")

I wrote it in this way here to let others readers understand what I mean, but in the addon code it was:

Lua Code:
  1. if destGUID == playerGUID or UnitInParty(destName) then

where PlayerGUID is initialized as you suggested.

About the other part of the problem, what I'd like to understand was if the function:

Lua Code:
  1. UnitInParty(name)

was true also for raids and battleground (even if the units are in differents groups).

This because I was not able to find something like UnitInGroup() (even if there is a function: IsInGroup() for the player) that could be fine for all of them (party/raid/bg) and a I was a little bit confused about this.

Your answer is, as usual, perfect because UnitClass(name) works exactly I need.

Thanks again for all your answers.

I am writing a "fatality" like addon, named autopsy. This because the most part of the code is common with the other addon I wrote on gankers and because the "real" fatality addon continues to fire a lot of LUA errors on the blizzard raidframe. I'll post the code here for a "final" review, if someone wants to check, as soon as it is refined a little bit.
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