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Teaser for Patch 5.2, Thunder Isle

Blizzard woke us up in the middle of the night to share this sweet teaser pic of Thunder Isle, the new raid dungeon in 5.2. From this picture, we can also learn that the 5.2 PTR is hitting soon, right on the heels of the holidays. Blizzard really seems to be sticking to their promise of delivering new content patches quickly.

Here's their official statement:

Happy Holidays from the World of Warcraft team! Here’s a small present to tide you over until the new year.

We can't tell too much about the raid theme from this picture, besides that it has really awesome Pandaren-themed architecture with some Mogu statues in the courtyard--what do you think the new raid could be? Several devs have hinted that they were inspired by Ulduar.

We've seen the Thunder King alluded to in a few places already, most notably in Golden Lotus quests like Battle Axe of the Thunder King, legendary quests like The Thunder King and archaeology ( Collector: Edicts of the Thunder King). The Thunder King is also tied to trolls in Kun-Lai quests like Stealing Their Thunder King, so maybe we'll be getting some new troll developments too!

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