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Combinate Carbonite with an other Arrow Addon

First of all, please excuse my bad english. it's long ago since i used it.^^

Till yesterday i've used TomTom to mark my waypoints and routes to calculate my farming routes.
I was very excited as i see the 5.1 update from carbonite on curse. (Last time used 3.x^^)
Now i have googled a few hours to set up both arrows. TomTom and carbonites routing arrow.
Actually, i want to use Carbonite for farming, long time routes, twinking etc. and tomtom just to navigate to my local quest object.
what i've done till now?
Well i disabled the TomTom and Cartographer emulation.
reinstalled the Addons (deleting wtf files too)
Demerged the worldmap from carbonite.
biting my table
repeating the steps above.
wasted most of the time to check the options everywhere.

Actually, if i die, the TomTom Arrow pops out from anywhere and shows me the direction to my corpse.
That's great but not the part i want to.
Is there someone out there who knows what i've done wrong? o.O
It was possible in a few versions as far as i see in google. meh. :/

here a few screens from my carbonite options:

(Checked "Activate Destinationarrow", "Set Destinationarrow automaticly")

If there is another waypoint addon which is able to coexist with Carbonite, i would try to use it.

I hope someone out there is able to help me.^^ Thanks so far.

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