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Sorry, I meant to hook the metatable, let me edit that. It should work for every action button, however it won't do anything until their SetAttribute method is called, so they need to be hidden initially and then this is just to fix it if it changes later.

Alternatively you could try just outright setting the alpha of every texture to 0.. the textures don't appear to be named so you have to loop over button:GetRegions().

You're going to have to fine-tune this to only hide what you want hidden but something like this and then maybe check if the texture path contains UI-QuickSlot..
Lua Code:
  1. local function ActuallyHideGrid(barName)
  2.     for i=1, NUM_MULTIBAR_BUTTONS do
  3.         local button = _G[barName.."Button"..i]
  4.         button:SetAttribute("showgrid",0)
  5.         for i,region in pairs({button:GetRegions()}) do
  6.             if region.GetTexture and region:GetTexture() then
  7.                 region:SetAlpha(0)
  8.             end
  9.         end
  10.     end
  11. end
  12. ActuallyHideGrid("MultiBarBottomLeft")
  13. ActuallyHideGrid("MultiBarBottomRight")
  14. ActuallyHideGrid("MultiBarRight")
  15. ActuallyHideGrid("MultiBarLeft")

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