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Thank you both for your reply I really appreciate it.

I get this error: "attempt to compare number with string" in this line: (line 71)
Lua Code:
  1. if val>max then max,id=val,j; end

Phanx, I am sorry I don't understand how to do as you say
Could you please show me?
I tried moving the topAddOns table a couple of places outside of functions:
Once it would not show AddOn memory usage at all.
Another time the AddOn itself would start at 600kb usage and raise with 120kb/s.

I am really bad a programming, but I believe the AddOn is not creating a new table on every update; it is refilling it. What I want is just to make it not refill.

Offtopic: Do you know a good place for newbies to start learning Lua? A book, website, etc.

Again I really appreciate your help, I am sorry to be so bad at receiving it
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