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Originally Posted by Mageleader View Post
The option to show quest givers no longer works. you can click on the dot and it with change from faded to yellow to blue but it wont show any of the quest giver locations on the map like it use to. Would really like to see this working again it has helped me a lot with lore master achievements
Quest givers are probably part of the quest database which Rythal hasn't yet tackled, that I know of. Since that database is using the old code that Ry is throwing out anyway, any new stuff in the database has to wait until it is updated to run on newer, more efficient code. Would it be nice to have that back? Oh yea, I know exactly what you are talkin about.

btw: I kinda took your post as being about new content. If you were talking about old world stuff, please, do ignore the oblivious one in the room, babbling fit to sink a battleship.