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Adding a borders to BW, is there anything else like QuesebossStyles out there?

As the title says, i recently built myself a new UI and i am using the same border in the whole ui so not having any borders on bigwigs boss timers looks rather "naked".
I got recommended to use QuseBossStyles att MMO and simply change the border path in the lua to the one i want.
The problem is that QuseBossStyles seems to be broken because it isn't working for me, not with my border or the default one.
When i choose quese as my "style" in BW and press test the game freezes for second and no bars pop up, the odd thing is that if i change the style to default right after i can see empty borders from quese.
Anyhow, is there any other addon out there like Quse or can i make borders for BW in some other way?
Thanks in advance!
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