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Originally Posted by nin View Post
Try change the scale and see if you notice any difference, have it at 1 instead of .9.

Other than that you can play around with any of these values.. looks like the border is a little behind.

* Try setting this to four for example and you will notice what happens.

backdrop:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", bg, -2, 2)
backdrop:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", bg, 2, -2)

* Will pretty much result in the same as changing above. so only play around with one of these at a time.

insets = {
left = -0,
right = -0,
top = -0,
bottom = -0
Hmm, odd that mine doesn't look as yours with the same settings.
But this is how it looks when i changed them to 4, it's like there is a black background going further out then the border itself.
I played around with both the options above but without success, tryed changing the scale aswell.
Either the border gets to big or to small.
not even close to how your border looks

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